Four Seasons Room Service

Black Spinner vases now come with room service (and a little cactus) at the new Four Seasons NY downtown!

Puccini Group for Disney’s California Grill

In the spring of 2012 I was approached by Puccini Group, a high-end interior design firm from San Francisco. Puccini was re-imagining Disney’s California Grill, the restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort. Over the summer I designed and produced 150 vases and 192 plates, which were incorporated into the restaurant’s d├ęcor.
The design for the vases was based on my Spinners. They were cast in 15 different stained porcelain colors and shades. The plates were inspired by my Mini-Bowls and cast in two layers of stained porcelain.

Jim Franco Photography

In 2011 I designed custom dinnerware for Jim Franco Photography. The shapes, sizes, colors and textures were all carefully selected to enhance food and lifestyle photos.