Romi Ceramics currently offers the following signature pieces. Click a thumbnail image to view a full-size gallery (click the full-size image to return to this page). Be sure to check back in the future to see our newest designs.

New: Serving Ensemble

This handmade serving ensemble was designed with versatility in mind. It provides beautiful presentation to complement any artisanal fare. The five items are available in five different colors, and can be displayed in an endless combinations of shapes and tones.

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Summer Bowls

These new and fresh bowls are the Ideal size and shape for serving ice cream, dessert, cereals and fruits. They can also be used for small salads, rice or noodles. Their elegant angular edge and fun bold colors will make any food presentation pop!

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Nesting Bowls

A clean geometric design with a touch of personality. Each bowl is hand crafted and unique. The bowls make a visual statement on your dining table. A set of four nesting bowls that can be used for serving or for eating. The different sizes are appropriate for soups, salads, side dishes, noodles, rice, nuts and condiments.

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Torino and Adria

Torino and Adria are scaled up variations of the popular Spinners line. Their elegant presence and clean lines will complement any interior. They are great for flower arrangement, and they can also make a statement on their own. The vases come in plain matte white, or with a bold vertical brushstroke in black, gray, or red. The stroke is made with stained porcelain as part of a precise casting process, creating a special and unexpected tactile effect. The stroke is made by hand and slightly varies on each vase, adding character and uniqueness to each individual piece.

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Mini-Bowls in New Colors

Mini-Bowls are now available in new luscious and bright colors, to add a touch of playfulness to your home. Mini-Bowls in warm summer colors are perfect for spices, herbs, and condiments on your dining table or in your kitchen. When holding candles or tea lights, the Mini-Bowls shimmer and glow romantically.

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Envelope Vases

The long, narrow openings of the Envelope Vases allow the flowers to fan out, creating a sense of added volume even with a thin bouquet. The design is elegantly simple, and yet distinctly eye-catching. Choose from three distinct sizes and proportions to accommodate a variety of possible flower arrangements.

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Terracotta “Paper” Planters Temporarily Out of Stock

Using a traditional material in a contemporary way, the Terracotta “Paper” Planters transform the ubiquitous planter form into an exciting and meaningful object in the home environment. The Planters were translated to terracotta from familiar paper bags, creating a visual dialog with the plants inside them.

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Mini Bowls add a sculptural and colorful touch to any space. Cast in various two-color combinations of stained porcelain, the Mini Bowls nest elegantly inside each other. They can be used to serve spices and sauces, or to hold small items such as jewelry.

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Salt & Pepper Temporarily Out of Stock

Spice up your dining experience with this elegant salt & pepper set. Inspired by the simple shapes of peppercorns and salt crystals, this set has clean and modern lines, combined with lots of personality. When not in use, it can be appreciated for its sculptural presence, created by the geometric shapes and the relations between them.

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The Spinners appear to always be in motion, playing off one another and their surroundings. Available in seven elegant solid colors, the spinners add a bold touch to any environment. Perfect as a gift or as a multipurpose tabletop accessory for your home, the Spinners can be mixed and matched to create “families” of various colors and sizes.

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Folded Vases

These elegant and slender porcelain vases echo their origins as paper designs. Their delicate shape, wrapped around itself, complements and enhances any flower arrangement. The secret of their signature design is the extraordinary triangular base, as it curves and morphs into the round top. The vases change their shape depending on your viewing angle, and can be arranged with one another to create a beautiful play of angles and shadows. The folded vases were translated from paper into porcelain, and have retained the quality of the original material through their lines, color, texture and intricate details.

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Serving Bowls  Custom order only

These elegant Serving Bowls can be used at the dining table or as decorative pieces. The two bowls nest gracefully within each other, and can also be used separately. Each Serving Bowl has a double wall, cast in two different colors of stained porcelain, using the same technique as the Mini-Bowls line.

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Product Details

Serving Ensemble

The serving ensemble consists of five serving pieces: vase, plate, flared bowl, inverted bowl, and a pinch bowl. Each piece is available in five different colors: white, black, blue, light sage, dark sage.

Item Details
Bottom: 3″
Top: 2 1/2″
Height: 4″
 plate Plate:
Bottom: 5″
Top: 4 1/2″
Height: 3/4″
 Flared-bowl Flared Bowl:
Diameter: 4″
Height: 1 1/2″
 inverted-bowl Inverted Bowl:
Diameter: 3 1/4″
Height: 1 3/4″
 Untitled-2 Pinch Bowl:
Diameter: 2 1/2″
Height: 1″

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Summer Bowls

Cast in two layers, the outside is colored porcelain and the inside is white. The bowls are glazed on the inside for easy cleaning. Available in pea green, turquoise, orange and light red.

Item Details
  Summer Bowls:
Top Diameter: 5″ Bottom Diameter: 2″
Height: 3″

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Nesting Bowls

Available in white porcelain, with an optional hand applied brushstroke of stained porcelain in black or red. Clear glaze inside.

Item Details
Nesting Bowls by Romi Ceramics Large Nesting Bowl:
Diameter: 8 1/2″
Height: 3″
Nesting Bowls by Romi Ceramics Medium Nesting Bowl:
Diameter: 7″
Height: 2 3/4″
Nesting Bowls by Romi Ceramics Small Nesting Bowl:
Diameter: 5 1/2″
Height: 2 1/2″
Nesting Bowls by Romi Ceramics Extra Small Nesting Bowl:
Diameter: 4″
Height: 2 1/4″

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Torino and Adria Vases

Torino and Adria Vases are available in white with a glossy clear glaze inside, with an optional hand-applied brushstroke in either black, gray, or red.

Item Details
 Torino Vase by Romi Ceramics Torino Vase:
Diameter: 5 1/2″ Height: 12 1/2″”
 Adria Vase by Romi Ceramics Adria Vase:
Diameter: 5″ Height: 9 1/2″

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Envelope Vases

The Envelop Vases are available in white with a glossy glaze inside.

Item Details
tall-envelope-vase1 Tall Envelope Vase:
Bottom diameter: 3″ Height: 11″ Top: 5″
medium-envelope-vase Medium Envelope Vase:
Bottom diameter: 5″ Height: 8″ Top: 8″
wide-envelope-vase Wide Envelope Vase:
Bottom: 8″ X 3″ Height: 5″ Top: 10″

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Terracotta “Paper” Planters

The planters are all made from terracotta. The Shopping Bag design comes in three different sizes. Currently the Paper Bag and the Wrapping Paper concepts come in the smaller size but can be made in the other two sizes upon request.

Item Details
lg-shopping-bag-planter LG Shopping Bag Planter:
Width: 7″ Height: 9 1/4″
md-shopping-bag-planter MD Shopping Bag Planter:
Width: 5 1/2″ Height: 7 1/4″
sm-shopping-bag-planter SM Shopping Bag Planter:
Width: 4″ Height: 5 1/2″
sm-paper-bag-planter-shorter SM Paper Bag Planter:
Width: 5 1/4″ Height: 7 1/2″Custom order only
sm-wrapping-paper-planter SM Wrapping Paper Planter:
Width: 5 1/4″ Height: 5 1/4″Custom order only

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Mini-Bowls Product Details

Mini-Bowls are available in any two-color combination from the following options: black/white, light blue/gray, light green/dark green.

Mini-Bowls are now also available in two new combinations: yellow/white inside, and summer mix (red, dark orange and light orange)/white inside.

Item Details
mini-bowl-1 Mini-Bowl #1:
Diameter: 3 1/2″ Height: 1 1/8″
mini-bowl-2 Mini-Bowl #2:
Diameter: 3 3/8″ Height: 1 3/8″
mini-bowl-3 Mini-Bowl #3:
Diameter: 2 5/8″ Height: 1 3/4″

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Salt & Pepper Product Details

Add an elegant touch to the dining table with these salt and pepper shakers. Choose a classic black and white set, or go with a single color for both. Bon appétit!

Item Details
salt_illustration_for_website10 Salt Shaker:
Width: 2″ X 2 1/4″ Height: 2 1/2″
pepper_illustration_for_website3 Pepper Shaker:
Diameter: 2 1/2″ Height: 2 1/4″

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Spinners Product Details

Available in a variety of colors, Spinners can be used as small vases or votives, or simply appreciated for their unique artistic design. Mix and match your own “family” of Spinners from the following colors: black, white, yellow, dark teal, pea green, turquoise, teal gray.

Two-color Spinners are available as custom orders only, featuring a whimsical stroke of any of the above colors over white.

Item Details
Romi Ceramics Spinner vase/votive - Extra Large Extra Large Spinner:
Diameter: 6 1/4″ Height: 4 3/8″
Romi Ceramics Spinner vase/votive - Large Large Spinner:
Diameter: 5″ Height: 3 3/8″
Spinner Medium Medium Spinner:
Diameter: 4″ Height: 2 7/8″
Spinner Small Small Spinner:
Diameter: 3 1/8″ Height: 2 1/4″

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Folded Vases Product Details

Beautifully crafted from high quality porcelain, these vases almost seem as if they were folded into their unique shape. Available in white porcelain in the following sizes:

Item Details
Folded Large Large Folded “A” Vase:
Diameter: 5 1/4″ (bottom) Height: 10 1/8″
Folded Medium Large Folded “V” Vase:
Diameter: 4 1/2″ (top) Height: 8 1/4″
Folded Small Medium Folded “V” Vase:
Diameter: 4 1/4″ (top) Height: 5 3/8″

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Serving Bowls Custom order only

They bowls can be purchased individually or as a set. Available in five color combinations: black/white, orange/cream, pea green/turquoise, light blue/gray and light green/dark green. In each combination, either color can be applied to the interior or the exterior of the bowl, as desired.

Item Details
high_bowls_outlines01 High Bowl:
Diameter: 9 5/8″ Height: 4″
low_bowls_outlines01 Low Bowl:
Diameter: 10 3/4″ Height: 1 3/4″

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